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Greenville Tigers get clawed by Eufaula Tigers


Malik Bunch receives a pass from QB Brandon Simmons for Greenville's only touchdown of the game. (Cecil Folds/The Standard)

Malik Bunch receives a pass from QB Brandon Simmons for Greenville’s only touchdown of the game. (Cecil Folds/The Standard)



Friday night, Sept. 30, the Greenville Tigers hosted the Eufaula Tigers in a catfight with Greenville losing 28-7. The Greenville Tigers captains for the team were: Brian Haynes, Thomas Key, Tyler Lewis and Kentavious Powell. The Tigers won the toss and deferred to the second half. Eufaula, on the kickoff, ran it to their 45-yard line and drove it from there to the 3-yard line. With 8:54 on the clock Eufaula scored on a running play and converted the extra point. The Greenville Tigers took possession of the ball and drove it down to the 3 yard line. With 1:25 left in the first quarter, QB Brandon Sims, hit wide receiver Malik Bunch for a TD and they made the extra point which tied the score, 7-7.

The first part of the second quarter was mostly defense as the ball went back and forth between the two teams. With just 1:38 on the clock, Eufaula ran the ball from Greenville’s 39-yard line and scored another TD and extra point making the score 14-7. With 25 seconds left in the second quarter, Eufaula intercepted a Greenville pass on the 30-yard line. With six seconds left on the clock, Eufaula attempted a 25-yard field goal which failed.

Eufaula kicked off to Greenville to start the second half. After Greenville’s three downs and punt, Eufaula didn’t take long to add more points to the board. With 9:55 left in 3rd quarter, they added 7 more points, making the score 21-7. With 9:53 on the clock in the third, there was a 20 minute delay for medical assessment after two Eufaula players were injured.

One player left field on his own power but the other had to go by ambulance to be checked out. Play resumed, and with 6:22 left in third, Eufaula attempted a 20-yard field goal which was no good and the third quarter ended with the score remaining 21-7.

In the fourth quarter, it was again a battle of the defenses as the ball went back and forth between the two teams. With 4:09 on the clock Eufaula ran it in from the 10-yard line making the final score of the game and giving Eufaula the win, 28-7.

This was a big loss for the Greenville Tigers and it will probably knock them out of the play offs. The Greenville Tigers will travel to Headland next week, taking on the Rams at 7 p.m.

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