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Alyssa Lear attends Girls State

Lear poses in front the State Capitol                                                            



Alyssa Lear, center, poses with two of her Girls State friends.

Alyssa Lear recently attended the 75th session of Alabama Girls State on June 4-9. She was sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary.

While at Girls State she was placed into 1 of the 12 cities. Her city was Wiregrass. All cities were named after historic places, people, or landmarks in the State of Alabama. She learned about the basis of city, county, state, and national government and had the opportunity to also learn proper flag etiquette, the proper disposal, and folding of the American Flag.

The attendees were not separated by Democrats and Republicans, but Nationalists and Federalists. Lear was a part of the Nationalist Party, and a member of the House of Representatives.

The girls had the opportunity as delegates to meet various leaders and motivational speakers such as: Young Boozer the Alabama State Treasurer, Liz Huntley; Chief Justice Lyn Stuart; Nan Boden, Google’s Head of Technology; Susan Baker; Governor Kay Ivey and many other speakers.

Girls State was a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from many leaders of our state. The girls also got to have some fun too, by participating in Skit Night, getting to dress up for the Inaugural Ball, and run through the fountain on campus.

They held a patriotic service every morning and led a devotional as well. Lear said, “Girls State educated us as young women in the responsibilities in the process of government. I was able to join the Alabama Girls State Choir. We were able to sing at the inauguration of city, county, and state inaugurations. Dr. Cathy Randall the founder of the University of Alabama’s computer based honors program, gave us the wise words of “God has a plan, don’t miss it.” Girls State let us all learn as young women how to lead by faith, and always trust God’s plan. Girls State was truly a breathtaking experience in my life. I gained so many new friends, and made so many memories.”

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