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A Grand Opening in Georgiana


The Greenville Standard


1505 West Railroad, Georgiana, Alabama, probably just another address to many, but, it has a historic marker in front that reads as follows; “GA-ANA Theater Opened January 31 1939, while watching westerns at the Georgiana picture show, on Saturdays in 1931-34, young Hiram Williams developed a fondness for cowboy nicknames and clothing. After his family moved to Montgomery in 1936, he began calling himself “Hank.” Fred McClendon opened the GA-ANA Theatre on January 31, 1939. Eight months later, 16 -year-old Hank performed here with his band “The Drifting Cowboys. The movie theater closed in 1959 and was used for storage and a cabinet shop. When demolition was threatened in 1996 J.C Sims purchased the theater. It was renovated for movies and live performances and reopened again in 1999.”

That’s what the historic marker reads, however, the theater has been closed for over fifteen years to date to the best of my knowledge but not anymore.

Under new ownership and with renovations underway, on Saturday, Sept. 25, there will be a twelve O’clock Grand Opening ceremony.

Music will once again ring loudly from the rafters of the theater. The new Opry House of Georgiana and its new owners, Nashville recording artist Arty Hopkins and Georgiana’s Ms. Tracy Eason (two of the new co-owners), would like to extend a welcome to everyone to join them for an incredible free, “FREE”, star studded line up of music featuring the Flashback Band, DYG Destined for Greatness, The Burning Bush Family, Arty Hopkins & The Stone Country Band and Chris McDaniel’s.

According to Hopkin’s, on Oct. 2nd, recording artist Jeff Bates will be on stage and Nov. 6 Bobby Timberline and Ms. Tess Frizzel will grace the Opry House as well.

Hopkins promises, “There is far more to come, rest assured.”

You can go online to their website to view upcoming events.

History, music and great times live in downtown Georgiana. Come join the excitement.

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