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Carnival coming to Georgiana


The Greenville Standard


There are really big things going on in Georgiana these days, grand openings, ribbon cutting ceremonies and now the Carnival is coming to town!

James Gang Amusements will proudly present “Carnival Georgiana”, located at 384 Ebenezer Road. The Carnival will kick off officially at 6 p.m. Oct. 28-30.

There will be free parking and free admission. Wrist bands are $15 on Thursday and $20 on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Nobody seems to remember when an attraction of this magnitude was last in Georgiana, with the exception of a small one over 25-30 years ago as memory serves.

People are definitely excited and City of Georgiana work crews have been working tirelessly to prepare the site for the forth coming event.

For fear of sounding like Bubba from the movie “Forest Gump”, I won’t mention the many rides and attractions, but I for one, can’t wait. See you there!

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