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Fourth of July scenes

The good ol’ Fourth of July, a day celebrated across the United States as Independence Day. Some people gather together to cook and enjoy the comradery of friendships and family. Some visit historical sites to observe special remembrances and honor the day which signifies the United States Declaration of Independence and the fight to keep those inalienable rights listed in the document which was actually signed on July 2, 1776. Others will go to work, just about like any other work day. Farmers will feed their animals and tend their crops. Truckers will be busy hauling products to supply the nation with goods. Service industry workers will be cooking meals, waiting tables, and supplying beverages of many kinds and retail workers will be providing products to consumers. Pictured are Fourth of July scenes including the Celebrate America fireworks event held by the City of Greenville on July 2, and various U.S. Flags which were seen around Greenville. (Bruce Branum | The Standard)

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