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Lifeline Church in Greenville had the privilege of worshiping with and feeding members from Peach Church in Middleville, Mich., on Sunday, April 2.

Most of the members on the trip attend high school.

Peace Church, according to high school coordinator Logan Bailey, goes on an annual trip every year during their area high schools spring break.

They typically stay in Montgomery overnight during their excursion to the Gulf Coast and in years past have searched for churches to attend service and worship on their way to the beaches.

In 2022, they contacted Bruce Coker, the pastor of Lifeline Church, and asked if they could join in their Sunday morning worship service.

Coker replied that Peace Church was certainly welcome and that Lifeline Church would also like to feed their traveling group as a completion of southern hospitality.

Bailey explained they were extremely grateful for the hospitality shown and decided to visit with Lifeline Church again this year.

In 2022, Peace Church brought nearly 80 youth. In 2023, the attendance of the group grew to over 100.

Bailey stated the youth were not able to use their cell phones on the trip, and added it is a time for them to put away the distraction of phones and commune with their sisters and brothers in Christ.

He noted that the first year a few students decided not to travel with the group, but since, it has not been an issue at all.

Coker noted to have that many excited teenagers for worship service was like walking into a football stadium. “They are full of energy and it shows,” he said.

Lifeline Church is located at 600 Wood Valley Road. It was originally the Woodland Heights Methodist Church.

They have a Sunday morning worship service at 10 a.m. and then have Bible studies just about every night of the weeks at different homes or the church.

You can find them online on Facebook and Instagram.

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