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The City of Georgiana was alive for the 44th annual Hank Williams Music Festival this past weekend. Folks from near and far made the trip to enjoy the entertainers/music, food, and comradery.  Several local musicians were on scene to either perform at the festival or the Georgiana Opry House. One performer, Edward Johannsson from Sweden has been kind of informally adopted as one of Butler County’s own, made the long trip across the Atlantic once again. According to festival staff, the event was well attended and enjoyed by all.

Rylee Austin, age 19 and a Greenville native, is pictured after performing at the Georgiana Opry House Friday, June 2. She has signed with Grace Records Nashville and just released her debut single “My Side”.

Joseph Ealum, who is part of the BroJo Band, is pictured with friends on the front porch of the Hank Williams, Sr. Museum in Georgiana after playing on stage at the Hank fest. Left to right are Jack Corley, Avery Taylor, Hayden Cowles, and Ealum.

Georgette Jones is pictured performing at the Georgiana Opry House Saturday, June 3. During her performance, she recounted memories her parents Tammy and George Jones.

Jason Petty is pictured performing on stage at the Hank Fest. He is well regarded as one the preeminent Hank Williams performers in the country for his knowledge of Hank.

Chris Cagle performs on stage as the headline feature Saturday, June 3. Over his career he has produced several top 10, top five, and a top one country single.

Darryl Worley performs on stage as the headline feature Friday, June 2.  He has had several number one hits on the country charts.


(Photos by Bruce Branum | The Standard)


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