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Flying High

balloon2CECIL FOLDS | The Greenville Standard

The 21st Century after school program had a “do over ” on hot air balloon rides that were supposed to take place earlier in the year but was cancelled due to strong wind.

Thursday, the hot air balloon was back in Greenville at the YMCA football field to give the GES students a chance to ride in the balloon basket.

Mrs. McCall worked the return of the balloon in with her summer reading challenge, which helps to sharpen the learning power in reading and writing of K-8 students through the summer months. Each student and adult who was brave enough, enjoyed a ride in the hot air balloon basket.

The “do over” went off without a hitch. Up, up and away the balloon flew high, as far as the tethers would reach, above the YMCA.

Everyone who went up got a bird’s eye view of everything on the Greenville Bypass and I-65.

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