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Robinson to replace Williams

15522 copyNICOLE NORRIS | The Greenville Standard

The Butler County Board of Education met Thursday night to discuss District 2 Board Member applicants, and Monday night appointed Lois Robinson to fill the seat left vacant when board member Terry Williams passed away.

The six applicants were Vonnie Lawson, Dale Gates, James Seale, Lois Robinson, Terry Banks and Susan Andrews.

The board held a special called meeting to interview all candidates. During the interview process applicants were asked a series of questions, including, “If you are selected what three matters or problems would you address immediately?”

Terry Banks said, “I would make sure the children are safe.”

Susan Andrews said, “I would need to know what the problems were first. I would need to meet with parents, grandparents and students to see what the problems are.”

James Seale said, “First we need to address transportation, the shortage of school bus drivers. Next would be insuring we have the proper technology in schools. Text books and things like that in order to get goals accomplished. Third would be the safety of our school system. Making sure all schools are safe.”

Another question asked was, “What is your vision for the school system and where it needs to be in four years?”

Vonnie Lawson said, “I feel the school system should have all the necessary accreditation for students to perform to the grade level they are in.”

Robinson said, “My vision is the board’s vision and I know that the board’s vision is the commitment to students’ success. So I am here to support the vision that is already set in place.”

Dale Gates said, “We are already on a good start with 21st Century. We are attempting to prepare our students for what the world holds, which is technology.”

The Butler County Board of Education went into executive session to deliberate their decision, and ultimately voted to appoint Robinson.

“I am excited I was selected; I did not expect this,” Robinson said. “I am really, really looking forward to serving the community in this way. My husband and I have served the community for many years. With or without children it is still the same for me.”

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