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Keys to living a better life


Dr. Fairest Hill speaks at Georgiana School. (Clay Branum | The Standard)

Georgiana High School received a very special guest this past Thursday. Dr. Fairest Hill came to south Butler country to speak on positive parenting skills and keys to living a better life. Dr. Hill was the drummer for a hit 70’s and 80’s band named “The Gap Band”.

Many readers may recall their hit song “You dropped the bomb on me.” Fairest has not only strived to be a successful musician but to be a motivational mentor as well.

Hill spoke on several subjects concerning the development of our children and how huge of an impact parents have in motivating and instilling good behavior and positive thinking in today’s youth.

For a parent to uphold that positive thinking with themselves and in their kids is key to the success of the younger generations growing up. Fairest continued to explain how even in hard and trying times we must all keep our head up and keep in mind that although it seems rough, things can always be worse.

“Motivation can inspire for a day, but mentorship can empower you for a lifetime” Hill explained. Making sure we expel any negativity and keep that “A+” attitude to encourage our children and students to live positively and strive for success was a huge priority during his presentation. He stressed that being a positive influence in a child’s life gives them just that much more of a chance to live more successfully.

Dr. Hill continued on to say we should always keep those in mind that were there in our own lives giving that mentorship and positive outlooks on life. For him, there were several people in his life standing behind him from the very beginning making sure he stayed positive and on the right track.

They included his grandfather, mother and even teachers. The message showed that we all play a major role in shaping the lives of our children and today’s youth, so stay positive and remove any unnecessary negative baggage and do everything we can to help kids through their lives.

Dr. Hill also spoke at Greenville Middle School on Friday to a welcoming audience.

He is an international motivational speaker and recording artist who resides in Tampa Bay, Florida. He was mentored by the late Dr. Myles Monroe and was born and raised in the inner city of Detroit.

He was labeled “functionally illiterate” and was failing in school until the intervention of a caring, committed teacher and his gift for music changed his life. At an early age, Dr. Hill made a committed to be a success in life, no matter what the cost.

Regardless of the negative influences that surrounded him, he remained faithful to his goal.

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