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Wreck snarls traffic


The Greenville Standard


A wreck into the guard rail of Persimmon Creek on AL State Highway 10 on Wed. Nov. 28 caused traffic to be shut down for almost 12 hours on the vital link into the City of Greenville.

Traffic was re-directed as the transfer truck was removed from the guard rail and state workers assembled temporary barrier controls on the damaged part of rail. According to reports the truck’s passenger tire apparently grabbed the concrete base alongside the rail and as a result the truck was thrown into the rail.

Many may have noticed the extra truck traffic in downtown Greenville and around the Butler County Courthouse as drivers not familiar with the streets in Greenville tried to find new routes to complete their destination hauls.

The Butler County Emergency Management Agency was called to provide containment of oil and fuel spilled on the bank of Persimmon Creek. They provided absorbent pads which were place to soak up excess liquids.

The truck, identified as owned by Lepton Logistics Inc., is a contract hauler. The accident is still under investigation. (Bruce Branum | The Standard)

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