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Sheriff Bond updates community


The Greenville Standard


Butler County Sheriff Danny Bond was invited to speak to the Greenville Kiwanis Club last week and he gave an update to the members about the Sheriff’s Office activities.

After thanking the group for the opportunity to speak, Bond said, “I took office on Jan. 14, and it has been exciting and an eye opening experience. We have had to overcome a lot of hurdles and still have a long way to go, but we are going to make it.”

“We have been busy and currently the inmates at the Butler County Correction Facility (BCCF) number in the 70s. That’s up from the 40s,” said Bond.

Bond explained his biggest problem has been the BCCF. “If you talk to a sheriff anywhere they will tell you their biggest headache is the jail, and I will tell you that is 110% correct, because that jail is something else.”

Part of the issue is inmates tearing up plumbing fixtures and lighting. In addition, Bond added that trying to feed the inmates three meals a day for $1.75 per inmate is a real challenge.

There is legislation pending in Montgomery which would raise the allocation per inmate to $2.25. Bond said, “It looks like it is gonna pass.”

Continuing on the jail, Bond said, “It was once called a jail but now it is called corrections and we want to try and give them a path where they don’t come back. Unfortunately some of them should have frequent flyer miles because they are pretty regular.”

Through involvement with local ministries Bond indicated that five inmates have been baptized this year.

He acknowledged Carolyn Griffin and Warrior Ministries for her work in feeding the inmates special meals for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

Bond is also talking with Lurleen B. Wallace Community College to bring in instructors to assist the inmates with furthering their education.

Bond also mentioned that by August, it is expected there will be a total of six Alabama State Troopers assigned to Butler County.

“We’ve accomplished a lot of things, but we still have a long way to go. I hope you are seeing my guys out more in the county,” said Bond.

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