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Business ladies of the Camellia City

By Kaitlyn Neese

The Greenville Standard


More on the successful business women of the Camellia City: A&E Marketing and Consulting LLC., Proverbs Christian Bookstore, and 4808 Beauty and Style.

A new addition to the Camellia City is A&E Marketing and Consulting LLC. April Greggory opened this business in 2018.

Greggory saw a need for the services she offers in Butler county and surroundings counties, so she decided it was a great time to step out and open her business.

“I love the freedom to be able to work with different businesses and schedules,” said Greggory.

While Cauthen and Greggory brought new businesses to town, Carolynn Griffin has been doing business in the Camellia City for about 15 years. Griffin reopened Proverbs Christian Bookstore in 2011, but it was originally opened in 2004.

Her God given vision for entrepreneurship is what inspired her to open her own business.

“I love the joy of meeting the needs of the people” said Griffin.

Along with Griffin, Mary Robinson enjoys not only her business, but her interactions with her customers. 4808 Beauty and Style opened in the 90s. The store was opened by her husband Daniel Robertson Jr., while she was working at another shop.

Then about 10 years later she decided to go into business with him. She always knew she wanted to do hair and owning her own business has always been her dream.

While Robinson loves to do hair, she said that the communication and fellowship with her customers is what she loves most about her business. “My customers will come in having a bad day, but after we talk and have conversations they leave feeling so much better,” said Robertson.

To learn more about the successful business women of the Camellia City, keep reading in the weeks to follow.

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