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JROTC assigns staff for upcoming school year

By Col. Alan Hester


I have spent the last two days phoning our upcoming 2020-2021 JROTC cadet leadership and discussing their JROTC position for next year, as well as which job would be a good fit for them.

The incoming Battion Commander and Battalion Executive Officer (Deputy Commander), Riley Boutwell and Emily Davis, were given great input into the selection of the Primary cadet staff.

As many of you know, JROTC cadets, in particular the cadet battalion staff, perform REAL jobs and do the majority of planning of cadet activities – and maintenance of our supplies and equipment.

Luckily, we have a very strong group of upcoming senior cadets from which to form the new staff. Congratulations to the following cadets selected to serve as primary staff:

*Riley Boutwell – Tiger Battalion Commander

*Emily Davis – Battalion Executive Officer

*Landry Collins – Battalion Command Sergeant Major (Senior Enlisted Advisor)

*Ti’Ajah Watkins- Bn S-1 (Personnel-Handles all admin)

*Gracie Huggins – Bn S-2 (Security/Arms Room-maintains rifle and archery equipment)

*Jaylah Luster – Bn S-3 (Training/Operations and Third in Command-plans and directs major Bn events and formations)

*Ni’Maree Stone- Bn S-4 (Supply – Runs the Bn Supply room, a big and daily task)

*Tyler Johnson – Bn S-5 (Public Affairs- Publicity and community engagement)

*Joshua Clements – Bn S-6 (Communications- Keeping cadets connected and informed)

Company Commanders and First Sergeant positions (leaders for each class period) will be announced next.

Congratulations to the new Battalion Staff!

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