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If you should venture to Georgiana out by exit 114 at interstate I-65, you’ll find a new business venture by Stinson Brangus Farm. It is 24/7 vending machines for corn and ice.

In a random comedic thought I said, “Wow, corn for my deer and ice for my beer!  A deer hunter’s delight! What an incredible idea!”

All of this is courtesy of the owners of Stinson Brangus Farm, Alvin and Debbie Stinson and Maize Kraize.

Maize Kraize was founded by two incredible entrepreneurs’ from Guin, Ala., Ben Burleson and co-founder Jason Spiller in the summer of 2016.

With over forty years of agricultural and industrial experience between the two, they founded Maize Kraize with the purpose of creating a machine that closed the gap between farmers and consumers.

Maize Kraize sole purpose is to provide their customers the ability to sell a number of products directly to the consumer.

You can also buy corn in bulk at a discounted price compared to other alternatives which guarantees you get what you pay for.

Maize Kraize eliminates the need for the middleman, giving control back to the farmer and their sell price.

It also eliminates packaging or bagging which adds to the cost and bottom-line.

It is more than a corn vending machine; this is the first and only legal NTEP Certified self-service machine of its kind in the nation.

The design is unique to this market and now they can sell directly to the consumer from any location.

The certified bulk marketing system has 15 locations in the states of Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana, and Alabama, with the newest location in Georgiana.

Stinson, who is also the Butler County Cattlemen’s Association president said, “We’re extremely excited about this and it will be in operation for a couple of weeks and then we’ll have our grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony on Oct. 2.”

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